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Freedom’s Gateway

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Publication date: January 6, 2025




Will democracy, freedom, equality and justice die the day the lights go out?

In the not-so-distant future, civilization will collapse.

In the aftermath, there will be factions seeking to dominate the one remaining commodity of wealth.


No means of tyranny is too brutal to capture what is left to sustain life:

War. Propaganda to deem who is worthy of the water and who is not.  Human trafficking.

And, the destruction of what is left of natural resources.

Including the water itself, if it will prevent those deemed unworthy of it from stealing access from those who are deemed worthy, predetermined by those who have decided they are the true authorities in the leftovers of the world.

Will democracy, freedom, equality and justice die the day the lights go out?

Perhaps there is more than one way to keep the lights of hope on.


Protocell 3: Dormancy

‘Protocell 3: Dormancy’ is available now on Amazon for purchase as a paperback and an e-book.

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All endings have a beginning.

An extinction was about to take place. Based on all calculations and predictive analyses of all involved, the extermination was almost guaranteed to go on as scheduled.

The extinction was to occur on a rocky planet covered in waters of blue, one that was placed third from a medium-sized hydrogen-helium ball located somewhere near the middle of its galaxy. The exact time and date of this extinction were unknown factors to almost all life forms that existed in the temporal realm of three-dimensional space, except for one in particular whose knowledge was beyond most concepts of knowing.   Read more….. »

“Oath And Honor”

On January 6, 2021 there was a violent attack on the United States Capitol.

This seems like a self-evident statement, to the point that people might even say ‘no duh’. However, the ensuing time has made the memory of these events fade for most people, except for those who were directly involved. While normal, this does not mean that the gravity of that event is lessened just because the passage of time has taken place, and the news channels all the social media fanfare have moved on to other travesties and drama.

However, it’s fair to say that no matter how vague the memories, the January 6th events were horrific in nature. Some might even call the events of 1/6/21 a terrorist event, of the ‘domestic extremist’ kind. Most would agree that it was a tragedy for all involved.


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At World’s End


The hills were silent as the evening began its dance. Mercifully no light shone anywhere, other than what the moon’s gaze permitted as it commenced its rising over the statue that many called Freedom.

In the midst of this splendor, there was an intentionally anonymous female. She was a witness to this scene frozen with vibrancy, squeezing the joy of this moment for all it was worth before it vanished and the violence of life returned.

It was good hear the crackle of the sky and no other noise, she thought. Now, this was heaven wrapped in a bow to her.

Poetry, whatever that was supposed to be in these times, had finally lost its ego and became a thread that quietly watched and absorbed. Or some such concept like that, when all the chatter that made it was forever muted.

What all these metaphors actually meant, she had no idea. Nor did she really care, because what did that matter? She only knew that when nothing really held history anymore, strange things could come to light and capture meaning, without the weight of definition to justify it.

Civilization had made such mental juggling necessary, where one was forced to defend ad nauseam every iota of reasoning and action. At least, what had passed as ‘civilization’, with its falsetto gaslighting as it drained itself into a black hole of its own making.

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Because I Am Free

The roads leading away from the old city are finally quiet as I walk in their darkness, away from the violence and bloodshed that the city has brought to us once more. We, the ones who guard the water that everyone wants no matter the cost to others.

And, no matter the cost to themselves.

When The War Arrived

No one remembers who fired the first shot, or when the first bomb fell.

But we do know one thing. In the moment when the war’s first scream was heard, there was no going back to the pretense of the peace that came before.

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There Was A Man With A Secret

There was a man with a secret, one that he did not even tell his wife.

If he did make the secret known, everything would change and chaos would ensue! The laws of physics would cause the magnetic poles to shift! Calderas everywhere would burst into a violence that would murder the skies for centuries!

Well, that sounded good, anyway. Corny and melodramatic, the perfect words for a sappy opening of one of those bad novels that you found on the side of the road after seven generations of garage sales fetched twenty-five cents for it.

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Sabbath’s Silence

The silence in the pine forest weighed heavily upon the biota that resided there, spreading like a contagion throughout each member of its body. What was its cause? Was it torpor? Dread? Or, was it a desperate hope of a prayer so intense, all sound had collapsed into its bones?

In its midst, a voice broke the stillness. One voice, and one voice only.

The voice was that of a tiny bird of prey, one so small she could be overlooked. Known in these parts as a ‘Northern saw-whet owl’, she could be seen as many things, depending on who did the observing, or who was doing the hiding.   Read more….. »

I Am The Avenging Angel


You were there ten years ago when all that was good collapsed.

You were the one who let it happen.

You watched, and did nothing.

You were a spectator to bloodshed, but not a witness full of blameless innocence.   Read more….. »

How To Think For Yourself


My dear friends, have you ever seen people being led around, as though they have not a thought of their own in their own heads?

Have you scratched your head wondering, how did this come to be?

Have you read or seen the news, followed tweets and other social network posts, watching the downfall of loved ones, hated ones, and celebrities as they devolve from free people into bot-like minions?

Have you ever gasped in disbelief at their stupidity, knowing that you would do so much better than they ever would?

If you have answered “yes” to even one of these questions, if you have ever felt this way for even one second of the precious life that the Fates have gifted you, my good dear friends, I can tell you this with utmost confidence:   Read more….. »

What The Heck Is “Ecosia”?


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to pay it forward this Earth Day, and have access to the World Wide Web, Ecosia has a solution for you.

What the heck is Ecosia?

According to its website https://www.ecosia.org, Ecosia is “the search engine that plants trees”.

Now, how does it manage to do that?

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In A Thousand Words


So we, like ‘we’ meaning Paul, Mal and yours truly the one and only moi…. Isaac!, we were walking down Alii in good old Kona Town, going from the library to meet up with Gloria when she finished up her shift at Basics Store by the pier. I think it was cruise day, and everyone was all boarding the trolley to go to Big Box to buy plastic pineapples and leis made in China and that, and I think Mal was just finishing up another hardly working stint selling his homemade pictures to all the tourists.   Read more….. »

I Followed All The Rules


I follow all the rules of the good nation that I live in.

I have followed them perfectly all of my life.

If I can keep all the rules until my awakening next month, I will become apprenticed to teach what I have learned to those who will come after me. I have much to be grateful for, all the good things I have been given.

It is a great honor that will be bestowed upon me, to be entrusted to teach as I have been taught. The leaders have told me so, and I believe them because they speak truth.   Read more….. »

What The Heck Are “Certified B Corporations”?

graphic created by JohnBdigital.com

If you are concerned that business has gotten too cutthroat and Machiavellian, and believe you can’t have your ice cream and save the world at the same time, there may be some hope to alleviate your dilemma: Certified B Corporations (1).

What the heck are “Certified B Corporations”?   Read more….. »

Planting One Trillion Trees To Save The World


Only three weeks ago, there was a forest here.

When the forest was here, to say that life was evident and vibrant would have been an understatement.

Brilliant hues of color and light, dark shades of velvety texture,

Songs and cries loud as thunder and as soft as whispers,

Scents at once pungent, sweet, foul, crisp and moist,

All of these are now gone.   Read more….. »