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Animals and “human” emotions

There once was a young dog who was adopted into a home. When he first entered his new den, he met another dog, one who had been there for years before him. This young dog, he was excited. Another canine friend for him to play with, one he could chase around the house or wherever else he pleased. He immediately took up this new endeavor. The sound of two dogs scampering to and fro became a common occurrence.   Read more….. »

Nature has a funny way of teaching lessons

Nature has a funny way of teaching lessons, it seems. Recently I received some instruction in this, although I was too thick in my human ways to realize this was the class I was taking. But that is also a lesson: too wrapped up in my plans to see past them, needing to have it all swept away for me to realize how little my designs matter in the scheme of things.   Read more….. »