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“To Plead Our Own Cause”

What is it like to be a slave in modern society? To really answer this question, it would be best to hear it from someone who has actually experienced it, rather than get an intellectual treatise from a scholar who has studied it. Activists Zoe Trodd and Kevin Bales have compiled first-person narratives by slaves and former slaves in their anthology, “To Plead Our Own Cause.”   Read more….. »

National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline

Polaris Project, an anti-trafficking organization based in the United States and Japan, is promoting The National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC)   Read more….. »

Comparing Hurricane Katrina to the 2010 Haitian earthquake

When a natural catastrophe occurs, the response to the tragedy is imperative to how well the survivors manage in the aftermath. How quickly search and rescue teams find those in the rubble, how much triage is able to rescue the wounded, and how quickly aid and other vital services get to those left in the aftermath is a reflection of how successful the recovery effort is.   Read more….. »

Human Rights Issues in the U.S.

Human rights in the United States has been a somewhat controversial subject over the years. One might think that a country that was founded on breaking away from the “tyranny of monarchy” seeking “justice and liberty for all” would naturally be a bastion of human rights for all people. But the history of this democracy has shown human rights to be more complicated when transformed from ideal to practice . American human rights reflect that this issue, in practice, is hard to balance when one tries to combine it at a national and a personal level.   Read more….. »