Protocell 3: Dormancy

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All endings have a beginning.

An extinction was about to take place. Based on all calculations and predictive analyses of all involved, the extermination was almost guaranteed to go on as scheduled.

The extinction was to occur on a rocky planet covered in waters of blue, one that was placed third from a medium-sized hydrogen-helium ball located somewhere near the middle of its galaxy. The exact time and date of this extinction were unknown factors to almost all life forms that existed in the temporal realm of three-dimensional space, except for one in particular whose knowledge was beyond most concepts of knowing.   Read more….. »


Entropy by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

At some point in time, there was a woman. What kind of woman meant nothing. If you thought about it, who cared if it was a woman, a man, or a child? So what? Seriously, it really was stupid to get bent out of shape trying to distinguish one from another. Even though everyone spent wasting a lifetime doing so, as they slowly wasted away.   Read more….. »

Almost Midnight

Almost Midnight by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

Now available for purchase as an e-book on Amazon!

It’s almost midnight here on death row. At any moment now, my time on this earth may be up for good.

The law saved his life once.

But now, the law has come to take it away.

When the clock strikes midnight on life’s clock, some fairy tales end in tragedy.

Or it measures the end of a day that never saw the light.

The promise of a new day, will it come after the clock strikes?

Fate has a way of claiming her dues.

Blood Moon Rising

Blood Moon Rising by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

It was the night of the lunar eclipse, the fourth in less than two years. There would be a blood moon rising in the east, and it would hide in Gaia’s shadow at the appointed time. When it did, everything that had been predicted would come to pass, but few would have eyes to see. Despite this blindness, everything would be in perfect alignment and all in precise order, if all actors in the prophecy performed as they were directed to do.   Read more….. »

There Are No Goodbyes

There Are No Goodbyes by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     


I never thought anyone like you would ever rule my world. But yet for eight years of my life and yours, you did. You dropped into my world and landed into my heart. Whether I was ready or not, there you were. And still are, even though you are gone forever.

When you blasted into my life, I wasn’t ready to fall in love again. I had just been abandoned for the final time of many times by the last one who stole my heart. He left no address, no way for me to find him ever again.   Read more….. »

Diva’s Web

Diva's Web by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

She lays next to you, the object you always desired. The night is still, and the only sound you hear is the whisper of her breath on your body. It warms you. It chills you. A contradiction, just like everything about her.

It’s impossible for you to know what the right thing to do with her is. Should you remain with her, forever? Should you desert her, never to see her again?   Read more….. »

Mile Marker 327

Mile Marker 327 by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

The day is too hot, and the road is too boring. It’s sucking Foster’s soul dry, but that would mean he had a soul. But he doesn’t, since he threw it in God’s face so many years ago on a day he doesn’t want to remember.

So he stays on a road that depletes whatever zombie shell that’s left over from his long ago grand holy gesture. The road may lead to certain death at day’s end, or worse. But he doesn’t care. He tells himself this all the time, every day knowing that death or worse awaits him, that he might kill or be killed on this path he’s chosen.

But he never leaves the road. He would rather be dead than remember. He’s dead, anyway. Because would God ever want him back, when Foster threw his soul in the Almighty’s face all those years ago?

So starts the premise of Mile Marker 327, on another day that alternates between complete tedium coupled with the undercurrent of violence awaiting the man who calls himself Foster. It’s another day that’s too hot for the calendar to agree, and another violent client awaits Foster at the end of the highway he travels. God forgot about him long ago. He knows that, because there’s nowhere for him to go without the soul he discarded, and isn’t sure if he wants back.

Without his soul, this is the path Foster’s condemned to, with no end in sight except for perhaps the mercy of a bullet or some other tragedy.

Or is it? Get your copy of Mile Marker 327. Available on Amazon as a Kindle edition.

I Saw Jason On Thursday The 13th

I Saw Jason On Thursday The 13th by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

I saw Jason on Thursday the 13th.

Yes son, old geezer like me, I did. Saw the serial killer with my own very eyes. The one with the hockey mask, right here in my town. Believe you me, I truly did. Live and in the flesh.

Look, son. I may come off like an old ignorant drunkard to a smart world traveler like yourself. But I’m all up to date on my celebrities.   Read more….. »

Population: One

Population: One by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the world all to yourself?

Ah yes. Escape from the heaviness of civilization with its conflicting and never-ending demands.  Escape from the gloom and doom of too much reality with not enough power to change it.

Solitude, this is what is needed.

Perhaps, in a cabin in the woods? No other humans to bother you. Nothing but nature, and all things basic and wild.

This is what is needed in these times of angst and apocalypse. This is what is necessary when there is nothing but bone-wearying doomsday and mania threatening to strangle your soul at every frenetic turn.

The alignment of the heavens is coming, and the paradigm change has been written in the universe.

The fate of solitude is waiting for you, with its comforting solace.

Time to get away from it all, yes?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the world all to yourself?

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Skim Milk With Cheeseburgers

Skim Milk With Cheeseburgers by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

Today I’m supposed to be meeting my sister Margie here at Sal’s Diner near my apartment. She has something important to tell me, supposedly. I got this text from her saying in all caps: “MARY IMPOTANT & UGENT: I MUST MEET U AT SALE’S DINNER AT ON PM SHARP. I NO U SEAM TO LIKE IT. DONUT BE LATE MARY. HAVE IMPOTENT NEWS”. With superior typing skills like that, it’s no wonder she’s an executive secretary. What do you think?   Read more….. »

One Hundred Sixty Eight Days After

One Hundred Sixty Eight Days After by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

You’ve heard the story before. A massive, unexplained disaster sweeps the land. There is no power. All electronics have been destroyed. Everyone hopes for help from the outside, but it doesn’t come. Modern civilization is gone forever. Every second is a fight for survival. In the midst of it, a lone female is left to wander in the wake of disaster, isolated and without anyone to help her.

Disaster fiction is full of these story lines, watching as the seemingly helpless and weak are left roaming the blotted landscape, all to be exploited by the most violent of the violent. But does this vicious and brutal plot have to be the story line in a post-apocalyptic world?

One Hundred Sixty Eight Days After is a novella that explores whether there is hope for humanity in post-civilization, or if the survivors are doomed to a vicious and gloomy life where everyone lives by the basest of animal instincts. Will the meek inherit the earth, or does survival of the fittest mean that the most violent bullies and tyrants will render the rest of the populace into submission? Is belief in humanity’s kindness a pipe dream, or reality? Follow the journey of Beth on her search for survival, community, security and perhaps the dream of once again living out a life of the highest of human instincts: hope, love, cooperation and friendship.

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Orchid by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

It was six months after Sherry’s divorce, 1994 just around the corner, and she hadn’t gone out on a date yet.

Everyone she knew was worried about her. “Oh, Sherry, you have to go out sometime. You can’t spend your whole life alone.” These were the same people who had encouraged her to divorce her husband. “Better to be alone than miserable,” they had told her.   Read more….. »

A Beautiful Kind Of Murder

A Beautiful Kind Of Murder by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

When Dwight wakes at dawn on the last day of his life, he is treated to winter blanketing his world. Today, it’s the day of first snow. Everything looks bright and new because of this. It’s as though nature has decided on a fresh start. A new season is beginning, right now. The orange morning sky seeps its color into the whitened landscape, its hues gently caressing the ground. Sky and earth are aligned in spirit. They declare that today is a beautiful day for freshness, and pure beginnings.   Read more….. »

Citizen Alpha J-45

Citizen Alpha J-45 by J. Kuzmier --  graphic by John B. at     

On the alien planet Ganga, everything is perfect. All individuals know their place, and their lives are cared and managed for from the day they are born until the day they die. They all know this because it has been told to them by their overseer, the Great Eye. Every person on Ganga is a citizen. Every citizen is either an Omega, Alpha, Beta, or drone. All citizens are born into their designated racial class, and never can leave it.

Everyone knows that everyone else is satisfied with this racial segregation, because they are grateful that the Great Eye has shown them the right way to live. There is peace and security. No one goes hungry or abused. Every citizen, male or female, Omega, Alpha, Beta, or drone, has a specific role to enact and purpose to fill. These are self-evident truths to every citizen of Ganga. All them know that if any citizens are deranged enough challenge this wonderful and productive system, they will be gently removed from the good people so that they may learn what everyone else knows to be self-evident truths.

Citizen Alpha J-45 is one such individual who has learned these self-evident truths, and has lived in affluent comfort and security because of it. As an Alpha, his profession was assigned to him from birth. His prospective mate would be assigned to him at the requisite time, his thirtieth birthday. On that day, his genetic profile that he received at birth would be reassassed to determine any new adaptations. Once profiled, his mate would be selected from the genetic bank of Alpha females best suited to give rise to another perfect generation of Alpha residents. It would be perfect because the Great Eye said so.

The novella ‘Citizen Alpha J-45’ begins on this fateful day of Citizen Alpha J-45’s thirtieth birthday. Little does he know that on his perfect day he will be drawn into a web of an underground rebellion against the facade of the perfect world he thought he inhabited to learn what truth his life really is.

Enter the dystopian world of Citizen Alpha J-45, an alien planet led by a totalitarian government so insidious that it has reduced its members to be grateful for its domination and foundation of racial segregation and class warfare. So total is this domination, they are in denial that they are victims and tools of government surveillance and mind control, but most do not even know enough to care.

Citizen Alpha J-45 is one of these citizens. But will he be able to change?

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Ghost Behind The Sunglasses

Ghost Behind The Sunglasses by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at     

Do you remember me? I remember you, and this is why.

The day you came back to haunt me, I was living my life just like any other day. There were no shadows cast around my heart, no cobwebs of despair that entangled me, or so I believed. My life, when it began that day,   Read more….. »