I Am The Avenging Angel


You were there ten years ago when all that was good collapsed.

You were the one who let it happen.

You watched, and did nothing.

You were a spectator to bloodshed, but not a witness full of blameless innocence.

You observed it all with savage pleasure.

You relished the agony that you were spared from, while those you beheld writhed helplessly in torment.

You ignored the screams of anguish, relieved that you were removed from the devastation.

You had a gleam on your face as you salivated with delight at another’s suffering.

You were just far away enough that you could pretend you did not know what your eyes clearly saw.

You were just close enough that the sun caught your face, and revealed the secrets you thought hidden.

You were like dark territory in the sunlight.

You enjoyed the pain that was happening before you.

You walked away, just as the screams ended.

You did nothing, but watched with orgasmic glee.

You thought no one saw you, when you let it all happen.

You were wrong.

You thought that time made you free.

You thought shadows could cover what had been made clear.

You will be brought into the light and exposed for the shame you hid.

You will pay for things you thought hidden for good.

You will be condemned this night by the witness you silenced.

You will know the ice of terror that you relished.

You will be the fear that you ran from.

You will die tonight in spirit, but be forced to exist in the shell that remains.

You will once more bear witness to destruction, that of your own.

You will bleed for the pleasure and satisfaction of those you abandoned, as you relished their pain when they were helpless.

You will never know hope, or love, or joy or anything that makes you human from this night forward.

You will pay tonight all you owe, with the price of your soul.

I will watch and do nothing to save you, as you did long ago.

I am the bounty hunter that will make you a prisoner to torment.

I am the soldier that will slaughter you with justice.

I am the last one you will ever see.

I am the avenging angel that will make your death my mission.

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