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Below you will find a collection of my most recent essays and stories. Some material may not be suitable for children. Access to my older work and previous posts are available using the menu on the left. Feel free to comment on any entry you want. Constructive criticism and your own personal experience is more than welcome.   Read more….. »


Entropy by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

At some point in time, there was a woman. What kind of woman meant nothing. If you thought about it, who cared if it was a woman, a man, or a child? So what? Seriously, it really was stupid to get bent out of shape trying to distinguish one from another. Even though everyone spent wasting a lifetime doing so, as they slowly wasted away.   Read more….. »

Almost Midnight

Almost Midnight by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

It’s almost midnight here on death row. At any moment now, my time on this earth may be up for good.

If you don’t mind listening, I want to tell you my story before it’s too late. It’s not worth much, because I haven’t had a very worthy life. But still, it’s my story and there isn’t much time before I’m gone from this world. That is, if all goes as others have planned for me.   Read more….. »

Blood Moon Rising

Blood Moon Rising by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

It was the night of the lunar eclipse, the fourth in less than two years. There would be a blood moon rising in the east, and it would hide in Gaia’s shadow at the appointed time. When it did, everything that had been predicted would come to pass, but few would have eyes to see. Despite this blindness, everything would be in perfect alignment and all in precise order, if all actors in the prophecy performed as they were directed to do.   Read more….. »

There Are No Goodbyes

There Are No Goodbyes by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     


I never thought anyone like you would ever rule my world. But yet for eight years of my life and yours, you did. You dropped into my world and landed into my heart. Whether I was ready or not, there you were. And still are, even though you are gone forever.

When you blasted into my life, I wasn’t ready to fall in love again. I had just been abandoned for the final time of many times by the last one who stole my heart. He left no address, no way for me to find him ever again.   Read more….. »

Diva’s Web

Diva's Web by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

She lays next to you, the object you always desired. The night is still, and the only sound you hear is the whisper of her breath on your body. It warms you. It chills you. A contradiction, just like everything about her.

It’s impossible for you to know what the right thing to do with her is. Should you remain with her, forever? Should you desert her, never to see her again?   Read more….. »

Mile Marker 327

Mile Marker 327 by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

Life is hell. The preachers got it all wrong with all their fear, fire and brimstone. Hell isn’t a place that God sends the naughty after they drop dead.

Want to know why? Here’s why: God’s the devil. Hell is all he ever created. And that’s where we’re stuck, for all goddamned eternity.

This is Foster’s grand conclusion about God, as he passes Mile Marker 228 on the national highway in his ancient Dodge Dart.   Read more….. »

I Saw Jason On Thursday The 13th

I Saw Jason On Thursday The 13th by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

I saw Jason on Thursday the 13th.

Yes son, old geezer like me, I did. Saw the serial killer with my own very eyes. The one with the hockey mask, right here in my town. Believe you me, I truly did. Live and in the flesh.

Look, son. I may come off like an old ignorant drunkard to a smart world traveler like yourself. But I’m all up to date on my celebrities.   Read more….. »

Population: One

Population: One by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

Night falls all around me while I drive, on the very first night of the Geminid meteor shower. If everything goes to plan, the sky show won’t arrive alone. Tonight will also feature the storm to end all storms, topped off with a surprise planetary alignment like a cherry on a toppling cake. I wonder what will happen when they all arrive on my tiny planet’s stage. If they do at all.   Read more….. »

Skim Milk With Cheeseburgers

Skim Milk With Cheeseburgers by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

Today I’m supposed to be meeting my sister Margie here at Sal’s Diner near my apartment. She has something important to tell me, supposedly. I got this text from her saying in all caps: “MARY IMPOTANT & UGENT: I MUST MEET U AT SALE’S DINNER AT ON PM SHARP. I NO U SEAM TO LIKE IT. DONUT BE LATE MARY. HAVE IMPOTENT NEWS”. With superior typing skills like that, it’s no wonder she’s an executive secretary. What do you think?   Read more….. »

One Hundred Sixty Eight Days After

One Hundred Sixty Eight Days After by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

The moon is full tonight, and the night sky is clear. I’m glad for those things. Really, I am. True, one hundred sixty-eight days ago, I didn’t think I would have given a damn what the sky was like. Too busy feeling sorry for myself, thinking my broken heart was the end of the world.

Well, it was. Until it really was the end of the world, when the explosion happened and everything changed.   Read more….. »


Orchid by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

It was six months after Sherry’s divorce, 1994 just around the corner, and she hadn’t gone out on a date yet.

Everyone she knew was worried about her. “Oh, Sherry, you have to go out sometime. You can’t spend your whole life alone.” These were the same people who had encouraged her to divorce her husband. “Better to be alone than miserable,” they had told her.   Read more….. »

A Beautiful Kind Of Murder

A Beautiful Kind Of Murder by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

When Dwight wakes at dawn on the last day of his life, he is treated to winter blanketing his world. Today, it’s the day of first snow. Everything looks bright and new because of this. It’s as though nature has decided on a fresh start. A new season is beginning, right now. The orange morning sky seeps its color into the whitened landscape, its hues gently caressing the ground. Sky and earth are aligned in spirit. They declare that today is a beautiful day for freshness, and pure beginnings.   Read more….. »

Citizen Alpha J-45

Citizen Alpha J-45 by J. Kuzmier --  graphic by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

The planet of Ganga lived under a blessed star, in the most literal way possible. The citizens of Ganga knew this well, because that is what the Great Eye, which watched over Ganga’s people, taught them from the earliest of years. The Great Eye told them how Ganga was a place where everything existed in perfect balance and harmony. It was the fifth planet of nine,   Read more….. »

Ghost Behind The Sunglasses

Ghost Behind The Sunglasses by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

Do you remember me? I remember you, and this is why.

The day you came back to haunt me, I was living my life just like any other day. There were no shadows cast around my heart, no cobwebs of despair that entangled me, or so I believed. My life, when it began that day,   Read more….. »

Fifty Shades Of Relativism

Fifty Shades Of Relativism by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at JohnBdigital.com     

My dear readers, picture if you will, a rather grey misty day. The sun tries to peek out from behind the clouds. But alas, it fails miserably.   Read more….. »