To Love and To Fall

Meet Tom. He’s had it really tough in his life, but he’s made it good because he’s worked hard. Growing up with drunks for parents that first abandoned him and then up and died, he’s an up and coming star in the academic world, all before he’s thirty, with nothing more than hard work and good old fashioned effort.

But no one seems to really appreciate all that he’s done.

It’s bad enough that his boss Scott at the university is on his back all of the time, and he can’t get his dissertation done, and that his sister Denise is on her third husband with a pain-in-the neck guy named Nigel. No, his girlfriend Serena of eleven years has decided that she’s an alcoholic, which is really just ridiculous because even though she can’t hold down a job because she’s drunk when she’s there and the alcohol decides filters are not needed so she tells everyone off constantly, Tom doesn’t see why she’s overreacting and it really is just messing with his mojo.

In fact, things have gone so out of hand that Tom winds up at a sober meeting with Serena, after some guy in a liquor store tells her where these weirdo gatherings in church meetings are. Now, how bad can things go from here? Can it get any worse for this poor guy who only wants to make a name for himself and love his girl in peace?

Oh, yeah. It sure will…..

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