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Citizen Alpha J-45

Citizen Alpha J-45 by J. Kuzmier --  graphic by John B. at     

On the alien planet Ganga, everything is perfect. All individuals know their place, and their lives are cared and managed for from the day they are born until the day they die. They all know this because it has been told to them by their overseer, the Great Eye. Every person on Ganga is a citizen. Every citizen is either an Omega, Alpha, Beta, or drone. All citizens are born into their designated racial class, and never can leave it.

Everyone knows that everyone else is satisfied with this racial segregation, because they are grateful that the Great Eye has shown them the right way to live. There is peace and security. No one goes hungry or abused. Every citizen, male or female, Omega, Alpha, Beta, or drone, has a specific role to enact and purpose to fill. These are self-evident truths to every citizen of Ganga. All them know that if any citizens are deranged enough challenge this wonderful and productive system, they will be gently removed from the good people so that they may learn what everyone else knows to be self-evident truths.

Citizen Alpha J-45 is one such individual who has learned these self-evident truths, and has lived in affluent comfort and security because of it. As an Alpha, his profession was assigned to him from birth. His prospective mate would be assigned to him at the requisite time, his thirtieth birthday. On that day, his genetic profile that he received at birth would be reassassed to determine any new adaptations. Once profiled, his mate would be selected from the genetic bank of Alpha females best suited to give rise to another perfect generation of Alpha residents. It would be perfect because the Great Eye said so.

The novella ‘Citizen Alpha J-45’ begins on this fateful day of Citizen Alpha J-45’s thirtieth birthday. Little does he know that on his perfect day he will be drawn into a web of an underground rebellion against the facade of the perfect world he thought he inhabited to learn what truth his life really is.

Enter the dystopian world of Citizen Alpha J-45, an alien planet led by a totalitarian government so insidious that it has reduced its members to be grateful for its domination and foundation of racial segregation and class warfare. So total is this domination, they are in denial that they are victims and tools of government surveillance and mind control, but most do not even know enough to care.

Citizen Alpha J-45 is one of these citizens. But will he be able to change?

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To Love and To Fall

To Love and To Fall

“To Love and to Fall” follows the story of a man who battles the demons of his family’s alcoholic past. As he fights to overcome this shadow, he finds he has his own inner hell to face. He has to choose to face his inner hell or be conquered by it.
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The Minstrel


“The Minstrel” is a 130,000 word novel that takes place over the course of four months, with the exception of the conclusion, which takes place three years after the rest of the story. Its genre is that of subterficial urban drama, where many things seem to be happening below the surface for those characters that are willing to look. The perspective follows the experiences of seven disparate characters from an intimate third point of view: the protagonist, Raul Valesquez, a middle-aged Latino amnesiac searching for the daughter he has lost; Cindy DiEsposito, a thirtyish Caucasian woman who lives on the streets hiding from her abusive husband; Emmanuel Jackson, a fortyish African-American who to the outside eye is a charismatic Christian minister but internally is imprisoned by a crime he committed in his past; Jonathan Pfeifer, a Caucasian paralegal in his early thirties who is caught in a spiritual quagmire where he realizes that the cultural goals he pursues as an adult pale next to the idealism of his youth; his boss Russell Frawley, a playboy Caucasian lawyer in his late forties who finally finds meaning in his life of cynicism after meeting and falling in love with Cindy; Russell’s wife Joan Taylor Frawley, an alcoholic who is paying the price for giving up her individuality to fit the social norms of wife and mother, avenging her losses in such a way as to take down everyone in the society with her, and Carmen Sanchez, a middle-aged Latina nurse who is the key to Raul’s lost past. These people, representing conflicting sides of general society, come together in such a way that their latent prejudices and fears explode upon one another.   Read more….. »