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Digital Scream

The world of search engines is just too tempting to resist. The resolution to put the past behind you with its scary demons and skeletons in the closet is a weak foe next to the ease by which you can start it all over. Just plug in a name, restart the same resentment, the same grudge, all over again.   Read more….. »

Other People’s Stuff

Well, you just never know what some people will say in public. Hey, let’s take a listen together, shall we?

“….and until the trial, if they even see the car on campus, they can call the police. It’s like four weeks from now. I don’t own any, and I don’t carry it on me. No, I only smoke other people’s stuff, so I tried to tell the court that if it was in my car, it wasn’t mine.   Read more….. »

All The Pretty Girls

The watcher sits down on the park bench that overlooks Main Street. It’s a nice day to be out, eighty-five degrees or so. He’s brought his camera today, the one with the long black lens. It sits on his lap, ready for action. It’s a nice day, after all. People go outside when the weather is nice. They dress for summer then. The watcher loves when that happens.

All the pretty girls, they would be out too. This is why the watcher is here today.   Read more….. »

The Price You Made Me Pay

I drive around in my Mustang, hoping to forget a chick like you. I gun the engine, flooring out of the suburban dregs of strip malls with their cardboard pizza and greasy Chinese food. I push past all the ants who’ve been swallowed up by the machine as they come and go from their daytime routine of mindlessness in the factories they call Real Life. Finally, I’m by the ocean, cruising for miles and miles alongside the ravages of the sea, the only place I felt free when you met me.   Read more….. »