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Protocell 3: Dormancy

Check out the first chapter of the upcoming novel,
‘Protocell 3: Dormancy,’ due to be published in 2021.


All endings have a beginning.

An extinction was about to take place. Based on all calculations and predictive analyses of all involved, the extermination was almost guaranteed to go on as scheduled.

The extinction was to occur on a rocky planet covered in waters of blue, one that was placed third from a medium-sized hydrogen-helium ball somewhere near the middle of its galaxy. The exact time and date of this extinction were unknown factors to almost all life forms that existed in the temporal realm of three-dimensional space, except for one in particular whose knowledge was beyond most concepts of knowing.

This life form of deep origins had survived over the eons here on this rocky planet, in many ways, shapes and forms. It existed at the edge of reality before time even began. So versatile was this life form that it is possible, even plausible, that it had made its presence known on astronomical bodies other than this lonely water-covered planet. But this is the kind of theoretical riddle that rises to a level of speculation, one that is only answered with the science of myths instead of the myths of science. For this planet, this rocky little soul, had nurtured this first life form for so long, it had made their children their own. What went on somewhere else was unknown, as was much that went on here on this small sapphire of a gem. Including, but not limited to this first of all life forms.   Read more….. »