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The Last Kiss Before She Says Goodbye

The Last Kiss by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at

A crowd gathers by the bus terminal this particular day. It’s a good day to leave town. The sun kisses its brilliance onto the scene, yawning its warmth into anyone who is graced by its touch. It’s accompanied by a breeze that sings in the air, occasionally blowing louder and harder when it has something to emphasize.   Read more….. »

You Never Know Where You’ll Find An Oasis

You Never Know Where You'll Find An Oasis by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at

We are in the forest, navigating the elements. Blame it on the sun, it lured us here. Its brilliance convinced us to enter nature’s forest, away from the citadels of mankind. So this is where we find ourselves now. Deeper into wild arenas we venture, further and further away from civilizations, cars, cares, and worries.   Read more….. »

Time For Me To Leave

Time For Me To Leave by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at

Death is a robber. It steals into your life, taking from you a precious gift that can never be returned. Today, this thief has visited me. In the place of a loved one, I face an empty space, one that will never be truly filled again. Ever.   Read more….. »

Too Hip For Those Mom Pants

Too Hip For Those Mom Pants by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at
“…and hon! you look so good! Where did you get the sweater?”

“Oh, this thing? Well, you know. You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s old. From back home. I just haven’t had any reason to wear it anyplace here. And I can’t believe I’m walking around wearing it, but it’s so hard to find anything good to buy in this stinking place.   Read more….. »