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Carried In At High Tide

Carried In At High Tide by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at

She lays awake in her lover’s arms, long after he slips into a slumber where she can’t quite reach him. The room is nearly dark, but the moonlight that peers through the window offers enough light to let her eyes feast on the contour of his body. The seaside humidity has created a sheen of sweat on both of them, but the ocean’s breeze breathes a coolness upon her. It sustains a sweet comfort that she rests in, with him there, beside her.   Read more….. »

Hail The Drama Queen!

Hail The Drama Queen! --  photo by John B. at

Gloria is a busy lady today, always is, always has been. She was the kind of girl who was brought up with manners, to not waste time. And, unlike all the rebels and derelicts she knew who thumbed their noses at their elders, she was the girl who took all the adults’ lessons to heart, weaving them into the identity that she wore now. She was the girl that all the grown-ups pointed out to their daughters, saying “Why can’t you be more like Gloria?”. Gloria took their praise to heart, letting it bake her into the woman she was today.   Read more….. »

Red Flags

Red Flags  -- photo by John B. at

You never know what you’ll do when you when you’re consumed by the fever of lust. Maybe you forget who are, maybe you confuse red flags with the burning flame of desire. Who knows? Here’s just one example I’ve heard. Check it out:

The boy and the girl stand in the back of the auditorium, next to each other. They are supposed to be looking straight ahead at the choir director, like the good boys and girls are doing. But apparently, the boy and the girl don’t want to be counted amongst those obedient ones, because they’re not looking at the choir director, little rebellious devils that they are. They’re flirting with each other, and only a blind person would miss it. Check out the moves they’re making.   Read more….. »

Enjoying the “Staycation”

The stock market goes up, the stock market goes down. Gas prices go up, gas prices go down. So does food, and everything else. It’s hard to know how to plan your family vacation on a budget when everything financial seems to be built on sand. Fortunately, the staycation can help save both family fun and the family dollar. Learning how to have fun at home can not only help save money, but perhaps even be a little gentler on the environment with less transportation.   Read more….. »


Hey, have you ever done anything really stupid in your life? Well, that’s a stupid question. Of course you have, everyone has, and if you tell me otherwise, that’s just BS. Here’s one time it happened to me.   Read more….. »