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“The Spirit of Democracy”

Democracy is an ideal which is experienced on different levels, depending on where you are in the world. For some, it is a fixed concept in everyday culture. For others, it is a brand new reality which still needs to be defined and refined. For still others, it is still out of reach. Social scientist Larry Diamond examines the scope of democracy on an international level in his book, “The Spirit of Democracy”. It a manifesto which examines how successful the experiment of democracy is in the world today.   Read more….. »

You Have All The Time In the World

Have you ever heard of the bucket list? Do you have one, and are you working on it? Hey, the end of the world is coming. You just never know. But some people have other opinions on the matter. Sandra has some opinions on what you should with your life. This is what she’d like to tell you. Sandra, it’s all yours now.

Oh, thank you. I really have been sitting on the edge of my seat on this one. For heaven’s sake, I am just so tired of hearing about this bucket list thing. It’s all I hear people talking about when someone dies or gets sick. You never know how much time you have, do what you can today and not put it off to tomorrow, goodness, it just gets so silly and ridiculous.   Read more….. »

An Ordinary Wednesday

It’s just another day, just an ordinary Wednesday. The usual anchors on the usual morning news say the usual jokes as Peter gets himself off to work. He ignores the news guys as he usually does. They are usually just so silly, anyway. He kisses his wife Wendy before he leaves for work.   Read more….. »

For A Moment, Peace

She’s alone now in her bedroom for the night, deep in a church basement. It feels like a sanctuary after the way she’s been living lately. The place is still filled with the fog of cigarette smoke from the others who have all gone home now.   Read more….. »