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A Strange Way to Declare Freedom

After all the fighting, all they wanted was peace. Peace was something to fight for, so they’ve been told. Fight until you get the goal you seek. But peace seems too far away to even be real anymore. Yet without the fighting, peace would never come, or so they’ve been told.   Read more….. »

“The Asssassins’ Gate”

It’s been eight years since the beginning of the American military theater in Iraq. If you don’t know anyone in the military and rely on the media for your truth, it’s easy to forget that there still is a war going on over there. The facts get blurred with the next headline. How and why the war came to be gets buried in the landfill, along with old newspapers that contained its storyline.

George Packer’s “The Assassins’ Gate” brings the reality of the war back to light.   Read more….. »

The Dancer

The dancer sits on the ground, stretching her body across her leg; the flexibility she laces upon her own limb is a natural extension of the moves she has taught herself over the years. Her legs are spread almost completely to the sides. She is supple now. This is something she always does. So much peace emanates from this position, the grace she serves to you makes her seem almost unreal.   Read more….. »