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September 2005


The mystery of God is eternal. It is one in that many people spend years trying to explain. Some people think they have the answer.

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The idea of travel brings images of leisure and pleasure in the minds of many. Idyllic scenes at beaches and ski resorts invade the busy mind. The idea of "getting away from it all" is something...

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Squiggle   Photo Copyright © 2005

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She stood at the side of the road by the bus stop, tapping her foot. Her dark eyes darted back and forth without stopping to rest, as though if they did, she would be caught off guard.

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Mount Utsayantha
Newspapers can be a great source of ideas for traveling in local spaces. For example, an article in our local newspaper that inspired us to go to our next destination.

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“First Church of The Streets is a road by which one travels, where there is no destination, but each step grows in possibility.”

     What is the world today supposed to be? What is it about, and why? Is there any reason to even care about asking these questions anymore? What is a church of the streets, anyway?

     The “First Church of The Streets” is a means of answering these questions. It is non-sectarian in the sense that it doesn't rely on any one religion to satisfy these answers. Neither does the church of the streets negate religion for comfort in secular classic philosophy. With it not being constrained to any particular dogma, the church of the streets can employ any or all of these methods. It is also free to use those schools which are considered too foolish to answer anything by so-called higher thinkers, such as popular culture. Just as religion and philosophy seem to give comfort to many in times of uncertainty, to many, popular culture is a refuge and an oasis. In this respect, it is as much a part of the church of the streets as anything else.

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