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October 2004 (Updated by the 15th)




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by Opal Elaine Moyer

     November 2nd elections are quickly approaching. As election day draws nearer, campaigning intensifies. Yet, with the increase of political advertisements in the mail and being seen and heard on television and radio, does this decide where each individual vote is cast? Sometimes, yes, but most have made their decision well prior to election day. These advertisements, merely, serve the undecided. Sometimes, they might sway the votes of a few at the very last minute, though this is a rarity.

     The fact is that when one enters the voting booth, he/she is casting a vote in accordance to their own beliefs, values and conscience or, simply, based on who they really are. While a candidate's record and values might be brought to light, no advertisement, or any other source, can make this decision for us. Each individual vote should be just that-individual- not a group vote or a partisan vote, based on the issues, not how our friends and associates are voting.

     Regardless of any party affiliation, the issues are the stakes in this and any other election. These are the factors that can make or break a candidate's campaign chances.

      The bottom line is that when each of us enters the voting booth on November 2nd, we are not only voting for a specific candidate, but for ourselves, too.


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