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November 2004 (Updated by the 15th)




Photo Copyright © John B.
by Opal Elaine Moyer

     Recently, the reality television industry has grown and spread in an alarming rate. Programs, such as The Bachelor, Fear Factor and Survivor have rated high among viewers. Reality programs have gone into operating rooms, police cars and can range from dating "reality" to those willing to take extreme dares on national television; there's nothing that we're not willing to do to be a star. Will reality television ever exceed the scope and range that it already encompasses?

      How far are the fame hungry willing to go? Why has there been such and increased draw to reality television shows? The conditions are fairly controlled, even for so-called reality, but for how long?

      One might recall the movie, 'The Running Man,' which starred Arnold Schwartenegger. This was a futuristically set movie in which Schwartenegger is falsely arrested and placed on a popular television gameshow, where criminals are stalked and executed for entertainment. Is this what today's entertainment industry is leading up to? Might carnage be the next step? In light of the rapid development and growing popularity of reality programming, these are questions that we should all be asking ourselves.

      It is difficult to ascertain the real reason why this type of programming has become so popular, both in the in the industry and with viewers. Could it be that people have grown so bored with their own lives? Perhaps the entertainment industry has simply gone creatively bankrupt. Or, is it more likely that we, all, are merely evolving slowly backward toward our gladiatorial roots?


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