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“Giving Thanks and Giving Back”

     Growing up as a poor teenager, there is one Thanksgiving, that I shall always remember; I was about 15 or 16 at the time. During the winter months, my father, who has always worked in construction, would be out of work. The holiday season was always a hard time for us. This particular year had been an especially hard one and, as Thanksgiving drew nearer, we were uncertain as to where our holiday meal would come from.

     I was surprised, one day, to be called to the school nurses' office and be told that my family had been one of the families, in the community, to be chosen to receive a food basket from the community food drive, if we were willing to accept it; I did not hesitate to accept. My family did not believe me, that night, when I told them. However, two or three days later, a food basket was delivered to our home and included a 16-18 pound turkey. Not only did my family have a fine Thanksgiving meal, that year, we also made several meals, afterward, from all of the canned and dry goods, that had been included.

     That year, my family was so very thankful for the kindness of others, in our time of need. It was something that we only ever needed and received once, but it touch all of our hearts so much. Now, several years later, I feel it is so important to donate to causes, such a this. My own family needed so very much once; I know there are others, now, who need it just as much or more and would be as thankful as we were, that year.


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