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     Women have held many various roles in society, throughout history. Some ancient cultures were matriarchal and women were held in high regard. In other societies, such as ancient Rome, women had their place, but were given respect and some autonomy. Women faced limitations, but there were some exceptions. In ancient Egypt, Queen Hatchepsut ruled as the "Female Pharoah"; her rule was a time of growth in Egypt. In England, the rule of Elizabeth I (the Virgin Queen) was known as a "golden age" in the countries history. These were but two women in history, who broke the rules and succeeded.

     World War II was a catalyst of change in the lives of American women. For the first time, women were encouraged to leave the home to enter the workplace, while the men were overseas; until this time, it was still stressed that the woman's place was in the home. As housewives, many women carried out duties that prepared them to hold careers. She was the wife and mother-yes, but she also assumed the role of cook, housekeeper, nurse, bookkeeper and, even, economist. Thus, the evolution of modern woman began to take place.

     Today, many women home careers and, in some cases, are the primary breadwinner in the family. Our young women have so many choices set before them in life. Marriage? Children? Career?

     The only limitations, that the individual faces, are those that she sets for herself. Whether she chooses to be a stay at home wife and mother, a high powered career woman or a combination of these, the choice is hers; there is no right or wrong. Women have come a long way from the days of the submissive, primordial creatures of the past to the independent women of today; this is the evolution of modern woman.


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Many of the social issues touted in this election year are issues that are either carried by or supported by a feminist platform. Abortion, gay rights and marriage, gun control, war, and the economy are all pertinent to what would be considered "women's issues"     Click to see!

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