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Welcome to our March 2008 edition.

     To be focused on a goal is a good thing. Put your energies into something, make a plan, and go forward. All major achievements in the world, be it any advance in civilization, transportation, culture, or medicine needed some kind of .........Click to see entire article.

     With embedded reporters, blogs and news coverage twenty-four hours a day, the reportage of the Iraq war and the fall of Baghdad has been unprecedented. But Asne Seierstad, a Norwegian journalist, took it to another level. ......Click to see entire article.

     The city of Memphis was in our midst. I-40 circled around it and we danced the length of its periphery. Peripheral our encounter was, as we were not going to be visiting the city any time soon... ......Click to see entire article.

    The wind turbines spun in the wind, minding their own business as they turned like never-ending wheels, over and over. They really had no idea that they were part of anything larger or part of any controversy.........Click to see entire article.
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      What is the world today supposed to be? What is it about, and why? Is there any reason to even care about asking these questions anymore? What is a church of the streets, anyway?

     The "First Church of The Streets" e-zine is a means of answering these questions. It is non-sectarian in the sense that it doesn't rely on any one religion to satisfy these answers. Neither does the church of the streets negate religion for comfort in secular classic philosophy. With it not being constrained to any particular dogma, the church of the streets can employ any or all of these methods. It is also free to use those schools which are considered too foolish to answer anything by so-called higher thinkers, such as popular culture. Just as religion and philosophy seem to give comfort to many in times of uncertainty, to many, popular culture is a refuge and an oasis. In this respect, it is as much a part of the church of the streets as anything else.