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Our February 2007 Edition
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   Does it seem like life today is worse than things used to be? Well, if you believe so, you haven't been the first one to think that way by a long shot. A cursory stroll through the book of Ecclesiastes will show that even back in the Bible days, people thought that the "old days" were better than the current ones.

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   "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert M. Pirsig shouldn't have been a good read, but it was. It wasn't a page-turner; many times the place went fairly slow as I tried to figure out what the author's point was.

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   One of the greatest experiences of traveling outside of home base is the food. Now that I was in the southern United States with my husband and trusty canine mascot MacGyver, I was going to indulge myself in the culinary delights...

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   January isn't exactly what it used to be in upstate New York. Sixty degrees in Albany in the first month of the year is beyond the so-called January thaw, at least in my opinion.. To me, a January thaw is when the snow that falls is heavy and wet rather than dry and fluffy...

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"Wind Power"
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"Laser Light"
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What is First Church of The Streets?

"First Church of The Streets is a road by which one travels, where there is no destination, but each step grows in possibility."

      What is the world today supposed to be? What is it about, and why? Is there any reason to even care about asking these questions anymore? What is a church of the streets, anyway?

     The "First Church of The Streets" e-zine is a means of answering these questions. It is non-sectarian in the sense that it doesn't rely on any one religion to satisfy these answers. Neither does the church of the streets negate religion for comfort in secular classic philosophy. With it not being constrained to any particular dogma, the church of the streets can employ any or all of these methods. It is also free to use those schools which are considered too foolish to answer anything by so-called higher thinkers, such as popular culture. Just as religion and philosophy seem to give comfort to many in times of uncertainty, to many, popular culture is a refuge and an oasis. In this respect, it is as much a part of the church of the streets as anything else.


     Starting in 1998 I started posting my poetry and short stories online.  My first website was an inclusion of these writings.  When I completed my first two novels, I made them available online, in their entirety:
New Earth Works.  The E-zine was a natural extension of this activity.  It went online in March 2003.   It  includes observations, as well as expository thinking.  Since this is an e-zine of many ideas, outside submissions are welcome.  Any topic is welcome, providing that one attacks issues and not people.

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