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Our December 2006 Edition
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   How important is it for man to be concerned about worldly achievements? This may seem to have an obvious answer, that character is more important than tangible goods. But for the most part, culture would dictate that what man achieves on the outside is what makes the man. Who seems more successful, the rich lawyer with honors or the alcoholic on skid row?

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"A Year in the World"

   Go tapas bar hopping in Spain. Eat fresh caught fish in Portugal. Get lost in the labyrinthine roads in Morocco. Look at the sarcophagi in Pompeii. Enjoy the sights of Corfu. Take a Mediterranean cruise. Buy rugs in Turkey. Hear the Sirens call you in Capri. Admire the gardens and castles of Great Britain. And of course, while you are at it, enjoy and savor the wares of France and Italy, wherever your whim may take you, or you are led. Or, have Frances Mayes do it for you, and read "A Year in the World".

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   The sky darkened as we pierced through the south, and the unknown inviting me to itself became hidden with shadows. There were mountains there somewhere, but I didn't know them, couldn't see them. In the coal-black night, the mountains of Virginia danced beside me.

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   There was an air of holiday spirit flowing in the wind that told me about the train. Okay, it was a chance article in my newspaper, telling me that the Canadian Pacific Railway's "Train of Lights" would visit the area on its three day tour from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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"Red Skies are Nice"

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"Rusty Bolt"

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What is First Church of The Streets?

"First Church of The Streets is a road by which one travels, where there is no destination, but each step grows in possibility."

      What is the world today supposed to be? What is it about, and why? Is there any reason to even care about asking these questions anymore? What is a church of the streets, anyway?

     The "First Church of The Streets" e-zine is a means of answering these questions. It is non-sectarian in the sense that it doesn't rely on any one religion to satisfy these answers. Neither does the church of the streets negate religion for comfort in secular classic philosophy. With it not being constrained to any particular dogma, the church of the streets can employ any or all of these methods. It is also free to use those schools which are considered too foolish to answer anything by so-called higher thinkers, such as popular culture. Just as religion and philosophy seem to give comfort to many in times of uncertainty, to many, popular culture is a refuge and an oasis. In this respect, it is as much a part of the church of the streets as anything else.


     Starting in 1998 I started posting my poetry and short stories online.  My first website was an inclusion of these writings.  When I completed my first two novels, I made them available online, in their entirety:
New Earth Works.  The E-zine was a natural extension of this activity.  It went online in March 2003.   It  includes observations, as well as expository thinking.  Since this is an e-zine of many ideas, outside submissions are welcome.  Any topic is welcome, providing that one attacks issues and not people.

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