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August 2005
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by Opal Elaine Moyer

     What is a hero? By most definitions, the word refers to a man central in an epic story, poem or drama or a great warrior. The dictionary also defines a hero as " a person of distinguished valor or fortitude." An even more interesting definition found was "a central personage taking an admirable part in any remarkable action or event; hence, a peron regarded as a model." (Webster's Collegiate Dictionary-Fifth Edition)

     Many people, especially children, believe that in order to be a hero, one must achieve a feat of epic proportions. However, the world is full of heroes, who never receive recognition for their feats. Parents are probably the worlds most unsung heroes. These are people, who have been brave enough to bring a child into the world, take care of this child's essential needs and nurture and protect them into adulthood. This is not to even mention the fact that parents must, also, brave puberty and the teenage years. This is a great feat!

     There are other heroes, who never recieve recognition as such. What of those who suffer from fear or personal conflict and must face these things, daily, in order to carry on with their everyday lives? This may seem a trivial or simple matter. However, the personal demons that we all must face vary in magnitude. It is out of neccessity that we must all face our demons and move on in our daily lives. Those who've suffered great trauma in their lives have the greatest hurdles to cross. For some, facing a new day is the hardest thing in their life that they can possibly do. This is mostly because they fear failure, other people and being judged. Those who face these fears in order to live a normal life, despite these fears, truly are heros. They may not be heros, by consensus, but to continue on through trial and adversity is still heroic, notheless.


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