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Such A Glorious Day

Such A Glorious Day by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at

The sun shines with a brilliant glory on this particular day. Not a cloud in a sky. It doesn’t look like a day that can be blighted with disaster. Most people know better with these kinds of things. But it is strange what a clear sky will do the brain, thinks Miss Jefferson as she stretches her legs before getting out of bed.   Read more….. »

The Last Kiss Before She Says Goodbye

The Last Kiss by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at

A crowd gathers by the bus terminal this particular day. It’s a good day to leave town. The sun kisses its brilliance onto the scene, yawning its warmth into anyone who is graced by its touch. It’s accompanied by a breeze that sings in the air, occasionally blowing louder and harder when it has something to emphasize.   Read more….. »

Time For Me To Leave

Time For Me To Leave by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at

Death is a robber. It steals into your life, taking from you a precious gift that can never be returned. Today, this thief has visited me. In the place of a loved one, I face an empty space, one that will never be truly filled again. Ever.   Read more….. »

Too Hip For Those Mom Pants

Too Hip For Those Mom Pants by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at
“…and hon! you look so good! Where did you get the sweater?”

“Oh, this thing? Well, you know. You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s old. From back home. I just haven’t had any reason to wear it anyplace here. And I can’t believe I’m walking around wearing it, but it’s so hard to find anything good to buy in this stinking place.   Read more….. »

Carried In At High Tide

Carried In At High Tide by J. Kuzmier --  photo by John B. at

She lays awake in her lover’s arms, long after he slips into a slumber where she can’t quite reach him. The room is nearly dark, but the moonlight that peers through the window offers enough light to let her eyes feast on the contour of his body. The seaside humidity has created a sheen of sweat on both of them, but the ocean’s breeze breathes a coolness upon her. It sustains a sweet comfort that she rests in, with him there, beside her.   Read more….. »

Hail The Drama Queen!

Hail The Drama Queen! --  photo by John B. at

Gloria is a busy lady today, always is, always has been. She was the kind of girl who was brought up with manners, to not waste time. And, unlike all the rebels and derelicts she knew who thumbed their noses at their elders, she was the girl who took all the adults’ lessons to heart, weaving them into the identity that she wore now. She was the girl that all the grown-ups pointed out to their daughters, saying “Why can’t you be more like Gloria?”. Gloria took their praise to heart, letting it bake her into the woman she was today.   Read more….. »

Red Flags

Red Flags  -- photo by John B. at

You never know what you’ll do when you when you’re consumed by the fever of lust. Maybe you forget who are, maybe you confuse red flags with the burning flame of desire. Who knows? Here’s just one example I’ve heard. Check it out:

The boy and the girl stand in the back of the auditorium, next to each other. They are supposed to be looking straight ahead at the choir director, like the good boys and girls are doing. But apparently, the boy and the girl don’t want to be counted amongst those obedient ones, because they’re not looking at the choir director, little rebellious devils that they are. They’re flirting with each other, and only a blind person would miss it. Check out the moves they’re making.   Read more….. »


Hey, have you ever done anything really stupid in your life? Well, that’s a stupid question. Of course you have, everyone has, and if you tell me otherwise, that’s just BS. Here’s one time it happened to me.   Read more….. »

Digital Scream

The world of search engines is just too tempting to resist. The resolution to put the past behind you with its scary demons and skeletons in the closet is a weak foe next to the ease by which you can start it all over. Just plug in a name, restart the same resentment, the same grudge, all over again.   Read more….. »

Other People’s Stuff

Well, you just never know what some people will say in public. Hey, let’s take a listen together, shall we?

“….and until the trial, if they even see the car on campus, they can call the police. It’s like four weeks from now. I don’t own any, and I don’t carry it on me. No, I only smoke other people’s stuff, so I tried to tell the court that if it was in my car, it wasn’t mine.   Read more….. »

All The Pretty Girls

The watcher sits down on the park bench that overlooks Main Street. It’s a nice day to be out, eighty-five degrees or so. He’s brought his camera today, the one with the long black lens. It sits on his lap, ready for action. It’s a nice day, after all. People go outside when the weather is nice. They dress for summer then. The watcher loves when that happens.

All the pretty girls, they would be out too. This is why the watcher is here today.   Read more….. »

The Price You Made Me Pay

I drive around in my Mustang, hoping to forget a chick like you. I gun the engine, flooring out of the suburban dregs of strip malls with their cardboard pizza and greasy Chinese food. I push past all the ants who’ve been swallowed up by the machine as they come and go from their daytime routine of mindlessness in the factories they call Real Life. Finally, I’m by the ocean, cruising for miles and miles alongside the ravages of the sea, the only place I felt free when you met me.   Read more….. »

You Have All The Time In the World

Have you ever heard of the bucket list? Do you have one, and are you working on it? Hey, the end of the world is coming. You just never know. But some people have other opinions on the matter. Sandra has some opinions on what you should with your life. This is what she’d like to tell you. Sandra, it’s all yours now.

Oh, thank you. I really have been sitting on the edge of my seat on this one. For heaven’s sake, I am just so tired of hearing about this bucket list thing. It’s all I hear people talking about when someone dies or gets sick. You never know how much time you have, do what you can today and not put it off to tomorrow, goodness, it just gets so silly and ridiculous.   Read more….. »

An Ordinary Wednesday

It’s just another day, just an ordinary Wednesday. The usual anchors on the usual morning news say the usual jokes as Peter gets himself off to work. He ignores the news guys as he usually does. They are usually just so silly, anyway. He kisses his wife Wendy before he leaves for work.   Read more….. »

For A Moment, Peace

She’s alone now in her bedroom for the night, deep in a church basement. It feels like a sanctuary after the way she’s been living lately. The place is still filled with the fog of cigarette smoke from the others who have all gone home now.   Read more….. »