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A Master Plan

Feel the burn: it sears throughout the body as your legs struggle against the gravity of the hill you climb. Each step you take against this adversary, brings you closer to the goal you set: the summit that beckons closer with every passing moment. Everything crystallizes into this moment.   Read more….. »

In the Beginning

In the black of midnight, you don’t expect things to change; too much hides in its dark shadows. Even if you blink yourself awake to try to fight it, you succumb to its slumber; the surreal becomes your reality.   Read more….. »

The Quality of Emptiness

The house is empty. You hear the moving van taking the last bits of memories away, and then it fades away. Everything now is just as it was in the beginning, stripped of pretensions and presumptions. It is its own essence.   Read more….. »

Thank God You Are Gone

There you are, walking past me like I don’t exist, but I know you see me. Damn you, you are a liar. Everything that you said to me was part of, what? I don’t even know.   Read more….. »

An Introduction of Sorts

Hey, who are you? I see you hanging out all the time in here, but you never say anything, hello or anything else, nothing.   Read more….. »


What happens when a woman who vows never to remarry is forced to do so, or lose her lover forever? This is what happened to Elizabeth Gilbert, the journalist of “Eat, Pray, Love” fame when she was forced into an engagement to her foreign lover by Homeland Security.   Read more….. »

What Are Friends For

“……. and I used to go to Chuck E. Cheese with him, but no more. My mother-in-law wants to take him, so, as far as I’m concerned, good riddance.   Read more….. »

The Long Road With You

Night: there is darkness on the road that we move on: but inside here, at least for short time, there is warmth.   Read more….. »

Standing in Your Own Power

Standing on your own in the midst of a crowd can be hard. Sometimes it is easier to just give in and go with the crowd.   Read more….. »